How to choose a perfect wetsuit?

After a surfboard, a wetsuit is the most crucial piece of equipment that can save your life and protect your body from weather elements. Additionally, wetsuits enable us to enjoy our favorite sports in cold water by maintaining body temperature.

However, when purchasing a wetsuit, you need to understand that there is no universal size. Its features mostly depend on various aquatic activities. Many beginners have a hard time picking up the right wetsuit for their needs, and they often make mistakes.

Therefore, we are going to help find the best wetsuit that will fulfill all your requirements, regardless of your surfing skills.


WetsuitIn most cases, wetsuits are made of neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber polymer. It is highly resistant to degradation and has the power to trap the water next to the body. The water is warmed by the body’s heat, while the cold water is at bay.

Some suites have small air pockets in neoprene that help eliminate the loss of heat in the cold water. In the last couple of years, retailers have begun importing neoprene that isn’t petroleum-based. As you can guess, all neoprene suits are stretchy. But, high-end brands feature more stretcher wetsuits which provide additional flexibility and mobility.


An appropriate wetsuit will be tight enough to keep the warm layer of water between you and your suit, but also not too tight that you can’t move your arms and legs. Try to do a paddle motion test with your arms? If it’s too restricting, then the size is wrong.The suit should be slightly restricting and feel like a second skin.


There are a couple of types of wetsuits, and they all have different purposes:

  • Insulated Jackets
  • Farmer John Suit
  • Springsuits
  • Full Wetsuits
  • Hooded Wetsuits


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